Personal Insurance

The Tri Oracle Group offers a number of personal insurance options no matter what your situation.

We know that insurance can be complicated, contact us for a consultation and find out what options suit your personal situation.


 Life Insurance

If people rely on you to provide for them, then yes, you probably need life insurance.

The main purpose of life insurance is to protect against the personal and financial strain of an unexpected death

  • To Replace Lost Income.
  • To Pay Off Debt.
  • To Pay Final Expenses and Offer an Emergency Fund.
  • To Help Pay for Your Children's Education.

Term Insurance

Term Life insurance is a cost-effective way to fund buy-sell agreements by ensuring that funds are there when they’re needed.

    • Term Insurance provides immediate tax-free cash to help a business replace a key person.
    • Insurance can provide your beneficiaries with the funds needed to pay estate taxes.
    • Unlike traditional term insurance plans, our Business term insurance lets you save by having one plan cover you and your business partners.

Permanent Insurance

Permanent Insurance can meet complex financial needs for you and your family.

    • Permanent insurance can be used for retirement and estate planning.
    • Insurance can be used for tax deferral.
    • Insurance can fund partner/shareholder buyouts.
    • Permanent insurance can provide for executive compensation plans.

Insured Retirement Plan (IRP)

The Insured Retirement Plan is an innovative financial planning concept that transforms a life insurance policy and a bank loan into the potential for tax-deferred accumulation of funds today and tax-free access to those funds in the future.

    • The accumulated value of an exempt life insurance policy purchased from us today provides you with cash flow in the future by serving as collateral for a loan from the Manulife bank of Canada.
    • This loan can be applied in a number of ways, including: supplementing a retirement income, buying out a retiring partner/shareholder, or invested through a variety of other applications.