Business Investor Immigration Program

People who are able to invest in business after they immigrate to Canada may be considered under the Business Investor Stream called the Business Impact Category.

The Business Impact Category is available to immigration applicants who will make a business investment in the community that you apply to. If you are successful in applying to the Business Impact Category, the Province of PEI will nominate you (and your immediate family) for permanent residency in Canada.

Applying for immigration under the Business Impact Category will make your immigration faster and easier than applying as an individual.

Summerside PEI has a number of business opportunities available to people hoping to immigrate to PEI. Click here to see featured businesses.

To determine whether you are eligible, complete the self-assessment form.

There are 5 steps to apply for immigration under the Business Investor Stream.


  • Step 2: Application and Business Proposal

    Our immigration consultant will send you the necessary forms to complete, including an immigration application and a business proposal that outlines your proposed investment in Summerside. Our Team of dedicated professionals will assist you in preparing your application and your business proposal.


  • Step 3: Interview

    Once your application and business proposal are complete, you will be invited to PEI for an interview with Provincial Immigration Services. Our Team will coordinate all aspects of your visit and prepare you for the interview process.


  • Step 4: Business Plan

    After your interview with Provincial Immigration Services, you will submit a formal business plan to finalize your application. Our Team will help work with you to prepare and submit your formal business plan to meet the requirements of the PEI Provincial Nomination Program (PNP).

  • Step 5: Approval

    Once you have met the requirements of the PEI Program (PNP) your nomination is then submitted to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for final approval. Processing times through the PNP are usually processed quicker than other programs. Our team will follow and track the progress of your application, including final submission and feedback from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.



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