Business Insurance

The Tri Oracle Group offers a number of business insurance options for all businesses, large and small.

We know that insurance can be complicated, contact us for a consultation and find out what options suit your business.


Permanent Insurance

Permanent Insurance can meet complex financial needs for you and your business.

    • Permanent insurance can be used for retirement and estate planning.
    • Insurance can be used for tax deferral.
    • Insurance can fund partner/shareholder buyouts.
    • Permanent insurance can provide for executive compensation plans.

Corporate Insured Retirement Program (CIRP)

The Corporate IRP process involves the corporation purchasing an exempt life insurance policy from Manulife Financial. Then at some point in the future, the policy is pledged as collateral to secure the bank loan.

    • The loan may be structured in one of two ways under the IRP concept. Either the corporation or a shareholder may borrow money from a bank using the corporate-owned life insurance policy as collateral.
    • The tax consequences will vary depending on how the Corporate IRP is structured so, when you purchase the policy, you will need to consider which of these options best meets your needs.
    • Loan Advances generate a cash flow that may be applied in a number of ways, including supplementing retirement income, buying out a retiring shareholder or a variety of other applications depending on the structure you choose to implement with the CIRP.